Do your research

1. Do your research

Just like a tattoo artist, hair dresser etc. you should check out their services before committing (referrals, website, and qualifications). Don't go for a trainer because they're cheap as you will probably get low standard services. Ask them where they got certified and whether or not they have a university degree.

With personal training qualifications, Sports Science degree, and personal fitness experience, BCT is fully equipped to train a wide variety of clients.

A good personal trainer should educate

2. A good trainer should educate

Make sure the prospective trainer offers advice on nutrition and promotes learning so that you can train on your own if necessary.

BCT provides each and every one of their clients a tailor made diet plan, regular fitness articles/blogs, regular feedback, and we are always there to respond to any questions each client has at any time during the day. You may pay per session but you get a lot more than just an hour of training.

The fitness industry over-complicates training

3. The fitness industry over-complicates training

You see trainers doing exercises on wobble boards, bosu balls and other ridiculous pieces of equipment. The average person does not need these kinds of exercises as their training focus.

BCT does not follow the trend of promoting these sorts of things in order to make more money. We follow an approach that helps each individual, regardless of their target, reach their goal in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

The problem with the fitness industry is that the majority of the trainers don't do enough to try to eradicate false fitness myths. A lot of the time they probably promote these myths even further either due to their lack of knowledge or as a sales tactic. We do everything in our power to explain why these myths are wrong. Check out our Facebook page for examples of these myths and what the truth really is.

Your personal trainer should be a good role model

4. Your trainer should be a good role model

Whether or not your trainer is very knowledgeable in regards to physiology, bio mechanics, biology, fitness etc., if they do not look the part and walk the walk then they lack credibility.

However, the trainer with the best body isn't necessarily a good trainer - they might have good genetics or be using illegal supplements (or a number of other factors) to be in good shape. Either way a good student isn't always a good teacher.

BCT has the opinion that the trainer should practice what they preach because how can they instruct someone to do something that they fail to do themselves?

Not only do we practice what we preache, we regularly train alongside some of our clients (with their permission) to showcase good technique, to motivate, and to make it more fun for the client. There is a sense of satisfaction seeing your trainer as exhausted as you are!

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