Vishal Haria - Personal Trainer

Vishal Haria

Personal Trainer Master Practitioner

Creator & Developer
Cals & Macros mobile app

Vishal says:

"I come from a computer programming background where efficiency and productiveness are essential; I work hard to make the workouts I give to my personal training clients both efficient and productive."

"From a young age, I was always the skinny kid, one who played a lot of sports but never had any muscle mass. After reaching my late teens, I embarked on a journey to achieve a better body through exercise and a better diet. Through a lot of trial and error, I was able to make decent progress with my goals. This progress wasn't ideal, far from it in fact, and by educating myself on proper, efficient, and scientifically proven methods, I've been able to obtain the knowledge necessary to make the best progress from my potential."

"Now that I have this knowledge, I hope to act as a stepping stone to my clients so they don't need to waste their time achieving their goals like I did, so that they can get their body where they want it to be in the most time efficient way possible."

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