Cals & Macros app for Android

The Cals & Macros app has now come to Android!

Cals & Macros - Calorie calculator, food diary, progress tracker and more!
Cals & Macros – Calorie calculator, food diary, progress tracker and more!

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Take control of your weight with Cals & Macros!

Take control of your weight with Cals & Macros: easily calculate your caloric and macronutrient requirements and track your daily food intake, to help you reach your goals whatever they may be.

1. Calculate
• Simple and effective, 4 step calculations with customisable settings which gives not just one result, but results for combinations of general, workout days and non-workout days with maintenance, weight loss and weight gain!
• Select from a choice of different formulae: Simple, Cunningham and Harris Benedict!
• Share your results on Facebook!

2. Summary
• View a breakdown of your daily food intake and compare it directly to your calculated requirements, depending on the type of day you choose, for example: a workout day at maintenance, a non-workout day for weight gain, a general day for weight loss!

3. Food Diary
• The food database is completely offline, meaning virtually NO loading times when searching for foods!
• All nutritional information is from the USDA which means no false or incorrect values, or duplicate foods*!
• Quick and easy food entry: select from your favourite, recently added and most frequently added foods!
• View how many calories, grams of protein, carbohydrates and fats per food item directly from the main diary!
• View the nutritional breakdown of entire meals in an easy to read pie chart and quickly create new meals or recipes!

4. Tracker
• Track your body weight daily!
• Compare your daily caloric or macronutrient intake to your body weight on the same graph!
• Your daily caloric or macronutrient graph also shows your calculated requirement for each day depending on what you selected in the ‘Summary’ section, so you know how well you’re following the calculations!
• See how much weight you’ve lost/gained over a period of time!

5. More
• Easily export your food diary and body weight data to CSV format, for use with spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel!
• Create custom foods, meals and recipes, and add them easily into your diary!

* Since the data is from the USDA, this is to the best of our knowledge

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