Building Your Own Gym

Power rack with barbell
Power Rack

Following on from our “Gyms in Hua Hin – where are they?” article, I mentioned that one of the options you have when it comes to finding a gym to train in Hua Hin, is to buy your own equipment and build yourself a gym.

Now, you may be put off by the idea of spending loads of money on some fitness equipment, but if you’re going to use it over a long period of time, you may actually end up saving money. Here are some benefits of having your own gym:

  • the equipment will be there for you and your family/friends/whoever you want to use it, for as long as you have it
  • no longer will you need to travel to work out; just stay at home! (or wherever it is you keep the equipment)
  • you can work out any time you wish, without having to worry about there being a queue for the apparatus you need to use
  • worried about people leaving sweat and dirt on the equipment? You’ll only have yourself to clean up after
  • if you like to listen to music while training, you can listen to whatever you want without worrying about other people complaining
  • no need to pay for useless services that you don’t use or equipment you do not need

If you’re thinking, “Yeah, well I’m already at a decent gym”, and you really are, then fair enough! But, let’s think about it a little.. say, for example, your gym membership costs you 2,000 baht per month and requires you pay for 1 year, that’s 24,000 baht. If you stick to your exercise routine, and continue to be a member of that gym for say, 5 years, then the total amount of money you have spent there would be 120,000 baht. Now, that’s quite a lot of money if you think of it in the long run, and that’s if you actually use the gym that you’re paying for! (Did you know one of a commercial gym’s main income is from the people who pay for their membership, but do not to train there, probably because they can’t be bothered or “don’t have the time”??)

Anyway, back to the point. With the 120,000 baht you would have spent on a 5 year membership at a commercial gym, you could have bought all the equipment you REALLY need to last you, AND whoever else uses it, a lifetime. Well, as long as you take care of it that is.

Buying your own gym equipment

If you decide to go ahead and buy your own gym equipment, you should concentrate on what you really need. The main pieces of equipment you should be thinking about getting are:

  • Squat rack/power rack
  • Exercise bench (flat or adjustable)
  • Weight plates

The cost of these pieces of equipment will not be very high, and will fulfill most (if not all) of your workout requirements. If you feel you need more equipment to allow a larger variety of exercises, then the next step would be to get a set of dumbbells within the weight range that you would use the most. What you decide to buy will basically come down to:

  1. how are you going to train
  2. how much money you want to spend

If you would like more information about purchasing your own gym equipment in Thailand, please contact us, letting us know what you are interested in, so we can help you as best we can.

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